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Palliative Care

Comfort and care for everyone.

At Oryx, our goal is improving the quality of life of everyone involved. That’s why we take a holistic approach to palliative and end of life care, so we can provide comfort and support to the resident and their loved ones.

Our care team, in conjunction with specialist doctors and other health professionals, put in place an individual care plan to assist with the relief of pain and other symptoms (such as nausea or shortness of breath).

We also assist with physical support, mental health and counselling, specialist care appointments and referrals, and tailored meal plans and exercise plans.

As a part of our holistic palliative family care model, we also offer practical and emotional support to family members and reassure them that their loved ones are being looked after with the best 24-hour care.

To discuss your specific care requirements, contact our dedicated care team.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Palliative Care

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is person and family-centred care and support for a people living with a life-limiting or terminal illness where there is little or no prospect of a cure, and who are expected to die.

Palliative care focusses on comfort, support and respect to optimise the quality of life of palliative care residents and their loved ones.

Do you provide palliative care?

Yes, we provide a holistic approach to palliation to achieve the best possible care and support of residents and their loved ones in their last stages of life while optimising quality of life.

What is included in palliative care?

Our team offers clinical and nursing care as required on a 24-hour basis, all meals, daily housekeeping and other general lifestyle support services.

Palliative care residents at Oryx homes enjoy a private bedroom and ensuite, access to small communal living areas, a variety of activities and amenities.

We partner with a local palliative care consultancy service who work with our GPs and team to provide onsite specialised and coordinated support.

Is palliative care only available in the last few days before you die?

No, palliative care is available to people from the time they are first diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. People can receive palliative care for a long time before they die and may receive it at the same time as they receive treatment, sometimes referred to as supportive palliative care. Palliative care does not shorten or extend life, rather it focusses on comfort, support and respect.

Is palliative care just about pain management?

No, at Oryx we offer person and family centred palliative care, this includes the relief of symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, anxiety, nausea etc; advice about food and nutrition, mobility and sleeping; support for emotional, social and spiritual concerns; counselling and grief support and assistance for loved ones.

Contact our care team to find out more about the care and support Oryx can provide.

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