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Dementia Care

The best care in friendly and familiar surroundings.

All Oryx homes are designed to support individuals with varying degrees of memory loss.

Dementia is not one single disease. It is the term used to describe the symptoms of a large group of illnesses which cause a progressive decline in a person’s functioning. It is not a normal part of ageing, and everyone experiences dementia differently – symptoms will depend on the cause of dementia and the parts of the brain affected.

Our considered design, that encapsulates a small household within a larger home, safeguards residents from potentially difficult experiences, like having to navigate long corridors or large dining rooms.

In an Oryx home, they will always have a safe place to retire to when needed. In their smaller, close-knit supportive group of just 10 to 14 residents, it’s easier for them to know their neighbours and feel safe within their home.

All our nursing and care staff are qualified in aged care and are experienced in supporting residents living with dementia. Together, our team provide structure and routine activities to create a stress-free lifestyle and give residents living with memory loss and additional care needs a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in their life.

All our residents are invited to enjoy the benefits of our monthly lifestyle calendar of programs and events, which are varied and include different activities to aide mental and physical stimulation.

To learn more about the dementia care services we can offer at Oryx, contact our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dementia Care

What is Dementia?

Dementia is generally progressive and not a single disease, but a term to describe symptoms of a number of illnesses such as:

• memory loss

• difficulty completing everyday tasks

• challenges in planning or solving problems

• time/place/person confusion

• trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships

• difficulty speaking or writing

• misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

How to make plans when living with dementia?

People often lead active and fulfilling lives for many years after their diagnosis, plans for the future might change, but it does not mean you need to stop doing the things you enjoy. You just may have to do them differently. At Oryx we know it is important to stay engaged and look after your health, our small household living options along with trained staff and tailored lifestyle programs provide those with dementia with appropriate support to live their best life.

How to live with dementia?

It is important to remember that no two people experience dementia in the same way, but with support, you can keep doing the things you want or need to do!

At Oryx  you are able to get support with a wide range of services and daily care to promote choice, dignity and independence including:

• Seamless access to specialist services and expertise to promote optimal individual outcomes for each person.

• Stay active, we offer an extensive wellness and allied health programs to support those living with cognitive impairment these include individual/small group sessions to encourage socialisation, increase core strength, muscle tone and balance. We find using music with exercise, including our silent disco’s, improves the way you think and feel.

• Keep learning, thinking, exercise your mind and do a variety of activities – our dynamic lifestyle program encourages lifelong learning and engagement.

• Stay social, maintain connections to and relationships with who is important to you, let us help!

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