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The Queenslea Claremont – Platinum Design Certified Retirement Apartments

At The Queenslea Retirement Apartments, we are proud to have achieved Platinum Certification from Livability Housing Australia, a national organisation that recognises excellence in accessible and inclusive housing.

This certification reflects our commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive retirement living environment for all of our residents, including those with mobility, vision, or hearing impairments and for seniors to truly age-in-place.

Our fully accessible two and three bedroom apartments are designed with the needs of all residents in mind. These apartments feature wide doorways and hallways, accessible bathrooms and showers, including support rails, emergency call bells and other features that make living easier for residents with walkers or wheelchairs to move around their apartment and community.

As a Platinum-certified community, we have undergone rigorous assessments and evaluations to ensure that we meet the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity. This means that our residents can rest assured that they will have the support and resources they need to live a comfortable and fulfilling life and be able to age in place at The Queenslea.

Fully accessible LHA Platinum Design Certified two and three bedroom retirement apartments at The Queenslea

What are the LHA Performance Levels? 

Not all retirement village units, and very few apartments in general, will qualify for an LHA performance level. It was important to Oryx to create retirement living apartments that genuinely cater for our residents needs as they might change over time and so we invested in the expense of designing our Apartments to the highest standards possible.

By way of explanation of the LHA categories, appropriate dwellings can qualify for three performance levels: Silver, Gold or Platinum. Performance levels are assigned upon being expertly judged against 15 different and stringent criteria. A minimum of eight criteria must be satisfied to achieve the minimum level (Silver Accreditation) and Platinum Accreditation is the most onerous level to achieve.

We understand that this is a first-of-its kind for retirement apartments in Western Australia to achieve LHA Platinum Accreditation.

What does LHA Platinum Design Certification mean at The Queenslea?

In practical terms, this design means that our Serviced Apartments are easy to enter and navigate in and around, with generous dimensions in all rooms, particularly in the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, the master bedroom is fully accessible to Platinum Design Standards including with a double bed installed, and the main ensuite bathroom is also fully accessible to the highest standards.

These features make the home easier to carry the shopping, easier for people with mobility challenges, disability or temporary injury to get around, easier to move furniture, easier for the elderly to manoeuvre with mobility aids or carers.

The Apartments also cater for easy and cost-effective adaptation in response to occupants’ needs as they might change over time.

To book a private tour of The Queenslea Retirement Apartments, please contact (08) 6280 1900 or click here to book a tour online.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Serviced Apartments will be operated under a retirement village scheme in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act 1992 (WA) (Act). Oryx is in the process of arranging for the memorial required under the Act to be lodged with Landgate. Oryx is seeking expressions of interest in the Serviced Apartments from prospective residents. However, until the memorial is lodged at Landgate, Oryx and its agents, employees, related entities and contractors will not be inviting any persons (or their agents) to make applications, offers or proposals to enter into a residence contract, being a contract which creates or gives rise to a right to occupy an apartment at The Queenslea (Invitation), either via any Oryx Communities/The Queenslea website or other form of media, document, communication (whether written, electronic or verbal) or via any means (Material). Nothing in the Material is intended to be, and is not to be construed as, an Invitation.