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The Benefits of water for your health and wellbeing

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water

~ Loren Eiseley ~

Water – the single most important liquid vital for survival and essential for all life on Earth. Not only is water necessary to our health, there are many benefits of water for our well-being and state of mind. Here we explore the magic of water and how to take advantage of its many forms to improve your mental and physical well-being, especially for seniors and the elderly.


Many of us are familiar with the vastly researched and noted benefits of maintaining hydration and drinking water daily. Water is necessary for optimal bodily function including cellular repair, waste removal and temperature control. As the amount of water in the human body decreases with age, with the percentage of water in the average adult at around 60%, maintaining hydration becomes even more essential as we get older.

At The Richardson, our aged care residents’ water jugs and glasses are filled throughout the day and cups of tea are always on offer to ensure optimal hydration.

Australian health guidelines recommends that the average adult should consume 8 – 10 cups or approximately 2L of water each day. Some people (ok, let’s be honest… most) struggle to fit in the recommended water intake each day and dehydration, especially for our older loved ones, can cause havoc for physical and mental wellbeing. To help increase your water intake try these nifty tricks;

  1. Purchase an eco-friendly & motivational water bottle with time markers to help you keep track of your daily water intake.
  2. Download a free hydration app on your phone to remind you to take that sip.
  3. Brew a pot of your favourite (non-caffeinated) herbal tea and drink that throughout the day. Support local WA business and check out the Tiny Tea Shop for their 80+ varieties of organic teas.
  4. Grab yourself a water infuser bottle and infuse your water with fruits and vegetables, try these combinations to give your water a delicious twist.


Did you know the human body responds to physical activity no matter what age you are? Studies have shown that it is never too late to get physically fit, however, fitness does not always have to mean putting on your sneakers or heading to gym, the therapeutic nature of water makes it the ideal environment for exercise. Due to its consistent temperature, buoyancy and resistance, Hydrotherapy is commonly used for those who suffer from various ailments and beneficial for either mobility or neurological conditions. Hydrotherapy aims to carry the heat and pressure deep into the body, where it can assist in improving blood circulation, lessen the body’s reaction to pain and can release endorphins that relaxes the body’s stress and anxiety levels.

At The Richardson, the heated pool is the hub of the Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre. With pool therapy classes run by our allied health team, this is the place to enjoy an exercise session or simply float and relax. The pool plays an important role in our tailored programs, as warm water is an easy and relaxing way for residents to treat arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation and sore muscles.

Not only is one benefiting their body when visiting the pool, but the mind is also maintained. When exercise and socialising come together, overall wellbeing can be improved. Whether it is joining a water aerobics class or meeting with a teacher to work on strengthening muscles, this involves a social aspect. No matter the age, socialising stimulates the mind and can reduce anxiety and depression. It is an important aspect of everyone’s life and can create a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Through the brilliant location of Oryx’s soon-to-be-opened home, The Queenslea in Claremont, residents and their families won’t need to travel far to experience the active side of the Claremont lifestyle. Whilst residents at The Queenslea will also be able to enjoy the indoor heated pool at The Richardson, the Claremont Aquatic Centre is only down the road and offers an eight-lane, 50 metre pool as well as a seven-lane, 25 metre pool. This wonderful facility even has a water playground for the grandkids to have some fun! Lap swimming is a remarkable workout and can prevent injuries, improve brain function and burn calories and whilst the hydrotherapy pressure is not in the aquatic centre’s pool, the 25 metre lap pool allows for aerobics, stretching and strengthening.

Ancient Relaxation

Water has proven to be one of the most effective forms of therapy dating back to ancient times.

Ancient Egyptians, dating as far back as 2000BC, adopted the power of water by using tubs and hot stones to create warm baths, mixing in essential oils to treat many ailments. Similarly, the ancient Greek and Roman people enjoyed bathing in natural springs with their bathhouses the most famous in history. Greek philosopher, Hippocrates even hypothesized that all human ailments were the result in an imbalance of fluids and therefore recommended both hot and cold baths to cure a number of illnesses.

Whilst taking a bath may not be able to cure disease, it can certainly help us to relax and we all know the countless benefits to taking some time out of our busy schedules to relax and recharge.

Check out local Perth company Essential Bath Time and select a little essential oil or bath bomb to help relieve some tension and aid in relaxation for this weekend’s bath.

If you wish to speak to someone about your situation or that of a loved one, or would like to book a tour through The Richardson or The Queenslea, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 9381 2800 or book a tour online.