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Secrets to a happy marriage

(according to Richardson residents)

June was named after Juno, the goddess of marriage, home and family, thus making it the perfect month to explore what makes for a good marriage and a happy home!

We don’t profess to be experts on this topic, instead, we’re fortunate to have many expert residents and resident couples who have enjoyed long standing marriages, some celebrating their 60+ years of wedded bliss, together, here at The Richardson. With this wealth of knowledge, we turned to our residents for advice on what makes a successful and happy marriage.

Talk to each other

Open and honest communication is essential to the success of any relationship as it’s the ability to collectively work through issues that will help couples stand the test of time. Positive psychology explores effective communication in this interesting article.

At The Richardson, residents have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships in their small communal hubs and during group activities where they are encouraged to learn about each other using our “Talk and Listen” ball.

Don’t forget the romance!

Our residents were unanimous on this one; to have a successful marriage there must be that special spark. Small gestures, such as buying your partner’s favourite florals, to grander displays of appreciation (a surprise weekend away) will help keep the fire burning. May we also suggest these romantic date ideas:

• A bike ride or walk through West Perth’s Kings Park, ending in an early evening picnic over-looking the city and the Swan River

• Take a Gondola ride on the Swan River

• Go star gazing at the Perth Observatory, 25km east of Perth and catch a romantic look at the night sky

• Dine at one of the 10 most romantic restaurants in Perth

• Book a couples massage at Bodhi J and enjoy some romantic relaxation

Travel here, there and everywhere

“Make sure you travel plenty before you settle down.”

Exploring new and wonderful places can help bond us with our life partner through shared experiences and cherished memories. Even though our borders remain closed, we can still explore our magnificent and vast state. WA has so much to offer, from the wineries of the South West to the beaches of our far north. Here are some top places to visit in WA.

Our residents frequently fly Richardson Airways to various exotic places when they attend our armchair travel sessions; a popular activity in our monthly lifestyle calendar.

Do new things and grow together

As we age, we change and grow. Our residents believe growing together is the key to a happy home, with one knowing resident stating “Don’t change for them and don’t try to change them. Accept who they are and grow together”.

At The Richardson our diverse lifestyle calendar has a range of activities and events, 7 days a week, to ensure our residents continue to grow and achieve their life goals.

Experiencing new and fun things together cannot only make life exciting; it will also strengthen your partnership. Have you ever thought of taking a cheese making course together? Or perhaps learn how to make a special piece of furniture that you can both cherish. Better yet, get your hands dirty with clay or “paint and sip” at Cabernet & Canvas while exploring each other’s artistic abilities.

“Be your own person and maintain your own interests”

One of our residents reminisced about her husband’s love of all things sports; “I let him enjoy his time with his mates watching the footy. He would get grumpy if he missed a game, so I kept him happy and let him do what he wanted”.

Whether its maintaining your love of dance, joining a bookclub or signing up to your local men’s shed, giving ‘me-time’ to yourself and your significant other will ensure your relationship fares better in the long term.

And finally, as far as tips for young couples looking to make a life-long commitment to each other… “Don’t get sunburnt on your honeymoon!”

If you require support or wish to speak to someone about your situation or that of a loved one, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 9381 2800.

Happily married elderly couple at The Richardson