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BONUS OFFER: $5,000 Downsizing Package* included with The Queenslea retirement apartments

Apartments selling fast – from $825K*

Downsizing in later life can bring up lots of emotions, and along with the physical challenges when it comes time to leave the family home and downsize into something smaller can seem very daunting. Often this means that these decisions are put off because it is too overwhelming – and it’s not until care is urgently needed that people take action.

We understand that making the move is difficult for the whole family, and the physical task of sorting and selling the home often falls onto family and friends, at a time when they are also trying to emotionally support their loved ones. This is why Oryx are proud to be partnering with a specialist relocation company to support new residents and their families during this time.

The Queenslea retirement apartments, located in the vibrant Claremont On the Park community, have a Platinum certified ‘Ageing in Place’ design with fully accessible, independent living and a seamless transition into aged care if and when required – meaning you will never need to move again.

What is the Bonus $5,000 downsizing package?

New contracts signed on or before 29th February 2024 will receive a $5,000 package with Vamp Your Home, which can be used for packing and unpacking services to assist your loved one with the physical demands of moving into their new home.

Specialist relocation companies work quickly, to help ease the transition, whilst being sensitive to feelings of uncertainty. They love listening to a lifetime of memories while they work, and helping people to look forward positively to their move and the new opportunities it will bring.

They have experience in packing up all sorts of items – including precious breakables – carefully packing up to move is a vital part of the transition to ensure everything arrives safe and sound. They will also unpack and help organise your new home at The Queenslea.

If needed, specialist relocation companies also offer additional services where they can advise or assist with selling, donating and recycling items that are no longer needed. It’s important to complete these tasks first so that the pack-up service is quick and efficient. If you need tips to do this yourself, take a look at our downsizing tips for Seniors.

Our specialist retirement team is here to support you

We understand the emotional and physical challenges when it comes time to leave the family home and downsize or move into residential care.

Book a coffee with our team to discuss your next move today – phone 0428 056 458 or book a tour online

*Contracts must be signed by 29 February 2024

Specialist relocation & downsizing tips

1. Get hold of a plan of your new home to check on storage space and room measurements before deciding what to take with you. Will that big old couch fit in your new lounge room, or is this a great excuse to buy a new one? 

2. When deciding whether to keep an item, ask yourself, ‘Is it useful? Is it beautiful?’ If the answer to both questions is ‘no’, let it go. Of course there will be sentimental possessions, like grandchildren’s artwork or family heirlooms; if you don’t have room for them all, keep the memories by taking photographs before passing on or recycling these items. 

3. For belongings you want to give away, a great option is your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, where people will snap things up and collect them from you too. Op shops will take good quality items, but they generally won’t accept electrical appliances, so take these to a recycling centre that accepts ‘e-waste’. It’s good to know that your pre-loved possessions are going to be reused, re-loved or recycled!