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A fun and fulfilling life.

Living at The Richardson means you never have to settle for less. All your hobbies and interests can be enjoyed here, and hopefully you’ll discover some new ones.

It’s a vibrant and active community.

Keeping active and spending time with family and friends is vital for our health and well-being. Both the design of our building and our programs encourage you to spend time with your closest neighbours and make the most of the many different activities on offer.

Every day, there are opportunities to take part in physical activities, such as cardio, resistance training, weight training and seated yoga/stretch. You can also enjoy regular exercise in our indoor heated pool.

Music and singing, don’t just make us feel good, they can help us to get better by increasing relaxation, aiding memory recall and even helping with cognitive abilities such as improved speech. As well as our music sessions, you can also take part in a range of activities that include art, reading, meditation & relaxation, games and gardening.

To encourage a feeling of closeness and to help build good relationships, every floor is its own ‘household’ with around 10 to 14 residents.  A shared lounge room and dining area is a place you can relax and spend time with each other. We also host morning teas, luncheons, high teas and soirées in our café, restaurant or courtyard throughout the month where our residents can catch up and enjoy a delicious meal created by your very own head chef.