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NDIS accommodation at The Queenslea Claremont.

Oryx is currently exploring the potential to make a small number of The Queenslea Serviced Apartments available for occupation by NDIS Participants with significant physical impairment who have very high support needs.

Oryx is not an accredited National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) or Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider, but is currently investigating partnering opportunities with SDA.

The Queenslea Serviced Apartments could offer living features for people living with complex disabilities and who qualify for SDA funding from the NDIS.

Living your best life.

The NDIS mandates very specific and considered design inclusions for SDA accommodation. The Queenslea Serviced Apartments have achieved Platinum Certification by Liveable Housing Australia (LHA), which set the guidelines for NDIS accommodation at the time The Queenslea was designed. This certification has since been supplemented by the NDIS SDA Design Standards which came into effect in October 2019. The Queenslea was designed and substantially completed before these Standards were adopted and so the building does not fully comply with them, but LHA Platinum Certification still forms the basis of the current SDA Design Standards.

For further information or to make an inquiry, please contact us.

Oryx is currently merely exploring opportunities to provide accommodation to NDIS participants at The Queenslea. However, until such time (if ever) that Oryx has completed formal arrangements with an NDIS partner, Oryx and its agents, employees, related entities and contractors will not be inviting any persons (or their agents) to make applications, offers or proposals to enter into any arrangement to reside at The Queenslea (Invitation), either via any Oryx Communities/The Queenslea website or other form of media, document, communication (whether written, electronic or verbal) or via any means (Material). Nothing in the Material is intended to be, and is not to be construed as, an Invitation.